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3x3 Blurr from Transformers Animated

Requested by anonymous and zippybot


Skywarp: Oh no! I can feel this glue seeping into my circuitry!
Blurr: UhThisIsJustATheoryMindYouButHaveYouConsideredThe

Full size: 1280x1385

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, then send this to ten of your favorite followers! <333


Can I say 5 things I like about YOU instead? :D

1. You draw gud!

2. You’re very pretty! No really, I’m jealous.

3. You’re really good at roleplaying from what I’ve seen <3 You capture characters perfectly and you’re so flawless at it!

4. You’re so kind and sweet.

5. You have an aura that’s very pleasant to be around and I’m more than happy to call you my friend!

—— I’m actually jealous over all the above! You’re wonderful!

JADE. I’m going to give you some love, sweetheart.

1. You are a cute-patoot and that’s a fact.

2. You have an adorable art style and it’s neat how well you draw both anthro and original characters.

3. You also have a great sense of humor!

4. I admire how big a heart you have, whether it’s for the pets you take care of or for your friends and family.

5. You’re a sweet, little Bumblebee!


Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, then send this to ten of your favorite followers! <333

Ham, you’re so good to me. ◝‿◜

1. I get to eat a ton of junk food and still keep a slim figure. Kind of like a million anime characters out there.

2. I always try my best to protect the ones I love.

3. I’m open with life experiences. Take the good with the bad. We’re on this Earth for a short time.

4. I avoid drama like the plague. It’s unecessary.

5. I’m thankful for my friends and the fact that they choose to stay with me through the toughest times.


I get a lot of questions about my process so I thought it’d be cool to break down and talk about some of my steps for illustrating covers! I hope this is helpful or interesting, it’s not quite a tutorial but perhaps it’s a glimpse into my thought process.

Step 1 | Thumbnail. The point here is to do several very fast, small, drawings, so you can’t get hung up on details. Here I’m thinking most about composition and subject. I had four originally and this one was picked to get finished.

Step 2 | Sketch. I draw on top of my thumbnail, nailing down more of the actual details. I fix any proportion isssues but I still try not to waste too much time making final lines, the sketch will go away in the end, so it just needs to be good enough for me. 

Step 3 | Background Painting. A lot of lightning and mood is set by the environment, so I start with determining their background. I browse through lots of inspirational paintings and photographs during this stage, and try to get a palette in my head for the overall piece. I use the lasso tool to fill in their silhouettes with black and lock the layer transparency. The silhouette is very important for readability, so I make sure even without colors the shapes are distinct.

Step 4 | Rough Color Blocking. I block in base colors and basic lighting under the sketch layer, blocking in the different materials and colors. 

Step 5 | The Fun Part. Here’s where I just get to zone out and paint. I flatten the sketch onto the color blocked layer (if you’re nervous, you can always duplicate these layers and tuck them into another folder before you flatten and commit) and finally get to painting. The sketch eventually gets entirely painted over. Things I’m thinking about during this stage: different materials, changes in planes, drawing from the background colors. 

Stage 6 | Details. I use the lasso tool and fill to do very tiny details like scratches, small specular highlights, etc. I add some wear and tear and knock out a bit of Fulcrum’s teeth. (huhuhu)

Stage 7 | MOAR BLOOD. At this point I decided there wasn’t enough energon dripping off of Tarn and I added more on a new layer. Again, grabbing areas with the lasso tool, filling, and erasing parts of it to make it appear transparent. 

Stage 8 | Lighting Effects. I add some soft glows to Tarn’s lights, but keep his forehead light the brightest. I want it to be the main source of light in the scene so I don’t want to distract. Light is bouncing through the pink energon, so I made the light falling on Tarn’s face more pink. 

Stage 9 | Final Lights. I add a harsh white rim light to both of the figures, really pulling them away from the background to finalize the painting. 


Just some of my favorite KO screen shots from my otherwise LARGE collection  :) (it’s a huge folder)


Happy Blurr~